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Fitting MG ZR front seats to vw type 4 seat bases

Step by step guide or order some

We have started looking at alternative seats and seat bases for a number of reasons, mainly poor alternative to the vw front seats, cost of recovering a tired and relaxed shaped seat and we always like a challenge ! ! ! ! ! !

What you need:

  • Two seats, from any of the following, MG ZR, ZT, MG rover 25, 45, 75 
  • They all share the same base, make sure that the seat belt receivers have not exploded (MOT failure) and the plastic’s are good (they can cost more than the seats on ebay) Costs approx £45-160 pair, subject to covering type and style the ZTZR alcantera seem to be the most expensive, they are very nice! 
  • Two VW T4 seat bases, we prefer the early ones, a grinder, a drill, some slit discs, drill bits, some M6 HT bolts, nuts and washers, can of black satin paint, and about two hours of time.
Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats
Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats
Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats Fitting MG Seats

Remove seat bases from your van and remove the seats, if good clean them and put them on ebay for a quick sale, trust me you will not be using them again.


Turn over the MG seats, cover the body of the seat with an old blanket or tarp, for the next stage you will need an grinder and gloves and goggles, i suggest a fire extinguisher as well, be safe.


You need to remove all the tags on the runners, take your time, you need to slit through the rivet, then with a hammer it will drop into the rail, work your way down through the runner, and repeat on the other rail.


Check the rails for any metal and check they slide back and forth.


Taking the VW seat base, you need a grinder and carefully chop the metal tubes down to the rail, then remove the front lip, not all just enough to clear the new runner, take your time here.


Now you will need a drill and bit size of M6 drill the new seat base holes, start either at the front or back, there is plenty of metal, i lined the runners up and looked at the holes front and back, drilled and bolted the front holes, slide the runners back and drilled and bolted the back hole.


Bolt all up and check its ok, test in the van for final position and trust me you will love it.


Painfully remove cause you have not finished yet, remove seat from base, and with some scotch brite or similar, clean the runners and the seat base, with a rattle can of satin black, blast over all the exposed metal, nothing worse then cool seat been let down by crap bases. Assemble together and install seat one.


Feeling good about the installation repeat steps 1-8, with a small steering wheel gear shift extender and the shortshift mod, you will have a van that feels like a car, smile and go for a drive knowing you have save some pennies and performed a cool mod.